25th January 2014

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Every Disney castle from Snow White to Frozen.

you forgot stitch’s sand castle 

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31st December 2013

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Alicante, Spain


Alicante, Spain

3rd December 2013

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30th November 2013

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30th November 2013

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Something to Ponder

Are you a Christian who’s a student? Or a student who’s a Christian?

Are you a Christian who’s an athlete? Or an athlete who’s a Christian?

Are you a Christian who’s a musician? Or a musician who’s a Christian?

Remember who your true identity is found in.

This was something God really touched my heart with and reminded me tonight. It’s quite a simple statement, but especially challenging to live by. I’ve been really consumed with the need to succeed, and I’ve allowed it to take over many areas of my life for the past few weeks. God is good and His mercies are new every morning, though. He graciously reminded me of my true identity in Him, an identity that neither grades nor audition results nor achievements nor powers of darkness nor anything in this present age can destroy.  

20th November 2013


James 1:2-4 

It’s been a couple of days filled with the unexpected. But surprisingly, I’m still smiling. These couple of days have been a testament of how good God is regardless of the chaos happening around me. He remains faithful, and I have assurance that He’ll provide a way to work everything out for my good, and for His glory. :))))

10th November 2013

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The four sweethearts at the end of that Jimmy Kimmel segment I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy.


Here is the compiled version.

I went and viewed the full videos for these kids and omg, seeing their whole reaction is even better. They love their candy andaresad butstillreact so well.

Ryan, the “feel happy” kid, is just that good-hearted.

Madeline, the third one, is incredibly sweet throughout, impossibly mature.

Ciara (who I misspelled, whoops, sorry) is this big happy ball of energy and quickly calms down but you guys, her brother Carter! He is so upset! BECAUSE HE’S WORRIED ABOUT HIS MOM EATING ALL THAT IN ONE DAY AND GETTING CAVITIES. I can never have children. They couldn’t possibly measure up to Carter.

17th October 2013


I was mindlessly scrolling through my fb news feed today, and this really spoke to me:

"Jesus’ words to you today— ‘The one thing you absolutely need is the one thing you can never lose: My Presence with you.’"

11th October 2013


First GNC of the year!

This week was pretty rough, but today was a beautiful reminder from God about the things that make an eternal difference and what really matters in this temporary earthly life that He has blessed me with.

Good News Club completely exceeded everything I expected; the work that God has planned and is doing cannot be expressed with words…it’s absolutely indescribable. Some things happened during the club that were unexpected, but they worked together to make an amazing first club!

We prayed for 10 kids, and God sent 20! 21, to be exact! Haha it’s just like Hudson Taylor! I have complete faith that this club will continue to grow, in both kids and volunteers and that God is going to do PHENOMENAL works in this club and those being held in other schools. 

Praying for more volunteers and for the gospel and good news of Christ to take root in these childrens’ hearts. 

2nd October 2013


made region orch!

God is so good to meeee! hehehe

We played A Mighty Fortress is Our God for a short, simple warm-up in orch today (although I don’t think people realized the song we were playing haha). And after that, I found out I made it into region orch. Coincidence? I think not :)

I also got a 98 on my math test :) 

Today completely exceeded my expectations.